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In the Gemeinschaftsunterkunft of Würzburg refugees as in all Bavarian refugee camps get the food through the food package program. Everybody gets a form first which has to be filled out.
The form contains different types of food and drinks like meat, breads, flour, salad, vegetables, candies and milk products and so on. [mehr...]

When the first president of Tanzania, Mwalimu Julius Nyerere visited Katumba, the refugee settlement in Mpanda District, he told the Burundians who had settled there after surviving massacre in 1972 that they should not call themselves refugees.
He called them "wageni wakazi" which roughly translates in English as "resident guests". Nyerere proved that he really meant what he said by providing those "resident guests" with social services like health centres, schools and transport infrastructure. [mehr...]

Anyone going to live in a new country as a refugee will experience a degree of cultural difference and shock for a certain period of time. Refugees who are living in the camp are experiencing the feeling of being helpless and frustrated in a country where one neither speaks the language nor understands the culture.  [mehr...]

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